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Sweet table & sweet ideas for your wedding

Sweets are always a winner at weddings - not just for kids, they go down a treat with the adults too. They can double as favours too, so that's one less thing to think about. Here are some ways you can include sweets at your wedding:

Photo - Jay Stone

A full sweet table or cart is still a popular choice for modern weddings. There's something nostalgic about a bag of pick n mix. Even better it it's your wedding - you get to choose your own sweets

If you want to DIY a rustic candy bar, use log slices and wooden crates to add the rustic touch. They are good for adding different heights and layers to the display as well. You can style the table to match your theme with flowers, photos, tealights - careful of naked flames though, you don't want to burn anyone!

Use signage and sweet bags to match your colour scheme so you have a coherent theme throughout.

If you don't want a full blown candy bar or are having a small wedding you can just have a few jars, maybe with your cake display or by your guestbook or post box.

A vintage sweet dispenser is always a hit. Make sure you get some hard sweets for these, like mini eggs, jelly beans, skittles, minstrels or M&M's. Did you know you can order M&M's in your wedding colours and even get them printed with a message or a photo on. How cool is that?

Another idea is to have individual bags of sweets. These can be put on the place setting as favours.

Or how about these, in kraft bags with bespoke stickers displayed in a vintage wooden crate.

If you're buying yourself, try the cash and carry - find a friend with a card if you haven't got one. Online, Makros have a good range. Hancocks have a great retro range and places like Search results for "sweets" | Wowcher often have good deals on. It's hard to judge how many too buy, but don't worry - it's better to get too many as they last for ages and you can enjoy them long after the wedding.

My wedding season diet is usually fueled by left over pick n mix!

All of the above items can be hired from us if you're in Devon.

If you want further help and support whilst planning your wedding:

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