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Shredding for your wedding - why you should consider NOT doing so

I think we're all familiar with the phrase "Shredding for the wedding" There can be a lot of pressure to slim down ready for the big day. Personally, I'm not a fan. I understand you may want to look your best but rather than rapid weight loss, adopting a more sustainable approach to living a healthy lifestyle long term will ultimately help you be the best version of yourself - wedding or no wedding.

So I'm delighted to share a guest blog by Nicola Poole, Inspired Coaching who knows a thing or two about getting in shape - both mentally and physically. Over to you Nicola...

The wedding season is now in full swing, many of next year’s brides and grooms to be are thinking ahead to their own special day. Their thoughts turning towards OMG I need to start eating more healthier and exercising more to lose weight or shift my wobbly bits so I look amazing on my wedding day. Of course, we all want to look nice, you’ve spent a lot of money on a professional photographer, clothes, wedding props etc. but whether you are thinking of getting wedding ready on your own or using a personal trainer take a moment and reflect on the following:

Why add more stress to an already stressful time?

Organising a wedding can be very stressful. The pressure to create the perfect wedding day is bad enough without the increased expectation on yourself to lose weight and get in that dress or suit will just add to your stress levels. Selecting a dress or suit of a certain size, knowing it has to fit can cause a lot of anxiety. On top of that changing your diet and excessively increasing exercise levels is not going to make your life easier. Stress releases cortisol into the body. A small amount of cortisol is normal but if your body produces too much through increased stress it can lead to digestive issues, weight fluctuations and sleep problems. Which can cause you to gain weight rather than lose it despite the increase in exercise.

The post wedding come down.

After your wedding, in the immediate weeks and then year’s do you want to think back and say that was the happiest day of my life? Or, will you just remember the day because you were hungry because you didn't eat to ruin your flat stomach for the service? Or, you were so tired and exhausted you just wanted to get the day done? Or, you were relieved not to have to diet any more so you binged on food and alcohol?

And now, just a few weeks later your ‘wedding body’ has now disappeared because the regime your personal trainer put you on was unsustainable. You feel miserable because you put all that time and effort in and just like that, it’s gone. A time when you should be reflecting on the wonderful memories made are replaced with guilt because you don’t look like the person in the photos any more, you barely recognise yourself or you feel like you let yourself down.

A Different Scenario…

You do use a personal trainer, but to make you feel confident and strong when you walk down the aisle and help relieve some of that stress before the day. You select a dress or suit that already fits perfectly and looks fantastic. Job done, don’t need to think about that again, move onto the next task. Your wedding photographer is highly recommended and knows exactly how to get the best pictures to reflect you and your partners style and character. Your caterer made the most delicious food which you and everyone else enjoyed so much they asked for more.

The following weeks and year’s after your wedding, you reflect upon the laughs, tears and people who made it so great and the photos make you smile because the people looking back at you are lost in the moment and are very clearly you as you are now. Marry the person you love and enjoy your day. Nothing else matters. You are more than just your body.

Nicola is a weight inclusive, body neutral personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach based in Newton Abbot, Devon. She has helped many people find enjoyment in gym based exercise and body acceptance through her distinctive style of coaching and sustainable lifestyle advice. To find out more please visit

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