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Metallic items

Metallic decorations are always a huge hit at weddings and can effortlessly give your event a modern edge. For your table styling, we have a swoon-worthy range of vintage brass or contemporary copper items available for hire. They look beautiful teamed with a greenery garland for the ultimate modern, rustic table styling. 

Copper arch

Large copper arch

£50 arch only

Perfect for a ceremony backdrop

200cm tall by 155cm wide

Copper frame

Small copper frame

£25 frame only

Perfect for table plans or A1 signage

175cm tall by 75cm wide

Neon sign copper frane

Medium frame

£30 frame only

Perfect for neon signs or larger signage

200cm tall by 110cm wide

Copper wedding arch neon pampas

Large copper arch

Arch 155cm x 200cm

£195 with pampas, macrame & neon

£185 with pampas & neon

£120 with just neon

£130 with pampas & macrame

£85 with just pampas

£75 with just macrame

Pampas welcome sign

Small copper frame

£75 with pampas & sign

See signage page for more options

170cm tall by 70cm wide

cake backdrop pampas neon

Medium frame

£185 with pampas & neon

See neon page for more options

200cm tall by 110cm wide

Copper lanterns

Copper lanterns

Without candles

Large - £7 - 41cm (12 available)

Medium - £5 - 28cm (10 available)

Small - £3 - 18cm (12 available)

Cooper lantern

Copper lanterns & real candles

Large - £11 - 41cm 

Medium - £8 - 28cm

Small - £4.50 - 18cm


Copper lanterns & fake candles

Large - £10 - 41cm 

Medium - £7 - 28cm

Small - £5- 18cm


Copper wire candle holder - large

£3 empty

14 available

Candle holder 7.5 cm, width 17 cm, height 23.5 cm (need candle with of 7cm)


Small copper wire candle holder

£1.50 empty

12 available


Copper wire star

£1.50 empty

10 available

gold candlesticks.jpg

Gold candlestick

£4.50 for set of 3

12 sets available (36 candles in total)


Brass lantern

£4 empty

Good for centerpieces or to line the aisle

12 available


Rose gold candle stick


30 available


Copper votive

£1 empty

30 available


Glass copper terraium


12 available


Speckled copper votive


20 available


Vintage brass vase


20 available


Handmade copper candlesticks

£30 for set of 20

Each one unique and different


Vintage brass candlestick


40 available


Copper cards box

£15 - copper writing

This is quite small! Will fit cards, but will have to put presents on a table

21cm long


Copper & wood card holder


Can hook your own card on

Up to 21cm


Copper cards box

£15 - white writing

This is quite small! Will fit cards, but will have to put presents on a table

21cm long

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