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Use an amazing neon sign to illuminate any space during your wedding to add even more wow. They look fantastic during the day but really come to life at night because they are so bright. Combine with a frame from our collection to serve as a cake backdrop or behind the head table for romantic couple portraits. They can be added to our pallet backdrop to make a contemporary, rustic photo booth. Or light up the dance floor at night - the possibilities are endless. Scroll through the gallery at the bottom to see how our previous couples have used the


Neon with moongate

200cm tall

£175 with faux foliage

£150 without foliage

£75 just moongate

Claire and George Wedding - Holly Collings Photography-93.jpg

Neon & copper frame

110cm x 200cm

£160 with faux foliage

£135 without foliage

£40 frame only


'Til death & copper frame

Frame 110cm x 200cm

Sign 75sm

£160 with faux foliage

£135 without foliage

Copper wedding arch with pampas and neon

Medium copper arch
& neon

110cm x 200cm

£185 with pampas corner & vase

£135 with just neon

£40 frame only

cake backdrop pampas neon

Medium copper arch & neon

Good size for cake backdrop

110cm x 200cm

£185 with pampas corner & vase

£135 just neon

£40 frame only

Copper wedding arch neon pampas

Ceremony arch & neon

Arch 155cm x 200cm

£195 with pampas, macrame & neon

£185 with pampas and neon

£145 with just neon

£110 with pampas & macrame

£75 with frame and macrame

£85 with just pampas

£40 macrame alone (no frame)

Neon sign and wood arch. Photo by Snapdragon Weddings

Neon & birch arch

210cm x 150cm

£175 with faux foliage & neon

£150 with neon, without foliage 

neon sign wood backdrop

Neon & wooden backdrop

240cm wide x 210cm tall

£175.00 with neon

(decor not included)


Neon only


Crazy in love - 75cm

'Til death - 75cm

Happily ever after - 100cm

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