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Top 10 places to buy bridesmaids dresses in the UK

As recommended by other brides!

Save yourself time and and the hassle of searching for dresses and check out this gorgeous collection of frocks I have pulled together from some of my weddings and others. A diverse selection to suit all budgets that will provide with plenty of inspiration and ideas.

Photo - Marcus Way

Buying bridesmaids' dresses should be a fun process - shopping with your best friends for beautiful frocks for a very special day. However, it seems like in reality, it can be a bit of a nightmare! It's tricky getting all your bridesmaids to like the same style colours, let alone getting them to fit. I know this first hand as I trawled the shops with my bridesmaid and ended up having to get them custom made. See photo above!

I absolutely love these mismatched dresses. However, even getting non matching dresses can be difficult, as the bride above found out. Instead of just giving the bridesmaids free reign to buy any dress they like, make sure you give them some guidance as to style and colours.

This is where they were all from:

Yellow: Cupshe

Rust: Shein

Green: Sandro

Photos by Ellen Sear

I know these ladies searched for ages to find the right blue. They decided this one suited everyone. I quite agree. It compliments those gorgeous flowers too.

Sage green has been a popular colour choice this year, it looks lovely team with delicate pink and white flowers. You can choose different necklines, to suit each bridesmaid.


Loving the joy in this photo, and the coordinating dresses of course!

Photo by Holly Collings

Ok, so not technically in the UK and maybe not the most ethical of companies, however I know a lot of you get wedding items from Shein, especially if you are on a budget so I had to include. They do look gorgeous in these dresses!


These are all a different style but in the same colour, so your bridesmaids can choose a style to flatter their figure.

Again, different necklines available but this time with a long, flowing skirt, complimenting the bride perfectly.

The trusty Dorothy Perkins still delivers the good and is great value for money. These al dresses are for sale now, so get in touch if you are interested, I'll put you in touch with the bride.

Photos by Joshua Gooding

Thinking of having a first look with your bridesmaids? These photos are a sign you should. Such a lovely, emotional moment.

These maids looked like they had a lot of fun. Oh and the dresses look pretty good too!

Another one from JJ's House. Loving the blues

I hope you have enjoyed browsing through these gorgeous images and dresses. Click on the photos or links for further information about each retailer. Happy planning!


If you would like further help and support whilst planning your wedding:

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